[BinEd]  BinEd - Binary / Hex Editor


BinEd is typical open source side project developed by single author out of need to provide alternative app / component similar to commonly available hex editors. As the basic goal was more or less reached, the project is now in a low priority maintenance mode and can die out in not-so-distant future. Join the project if you want to change its fate.

There are various ways how you can contribute to this project:

Programmers: Primary programming language is Java. There are many tasks to work on. See for example features list.

Help wanted post: Sourceforge Programmers Wanted

Documenters: Help write manual / documentation

Testers: Test project and report issue on GitHub pages.


Current Development Plan

Plan for version 0.3.0 is to implement some of the following improvements:

See list of source code repositories.


Videos from development

There are some recordings here, if you are interested https://www.livecoding.tv/hajdam/videos/