[BinEd]  BinEd - Binary / Hex Editor

Other Similar Projects

If you are searching for hex editor/component in Java, but you don't like BinEd, there is list of some alternatives below.

Note: Projects were considered to build upon before BinEd library was created, some were found after project was started

Java Hex Editors / Components

Project NameDescriptionLicenseGUIAuthor
HexLibComponent and Hex EditorOSS-FreeBSDSwingLeo Forge
Java Hex EditorHex editorOSS-GPLv2SWTpestatije + others
Eclipse Hex Editor PluginTable based hex editorOSS-EPLSWTrandalco + EHEP team
hexeditorHex editor componentOSS-Apache2SwingValentyn Kolesnikov
Editor/ComponentHex editor componentOSS-GPLv3SwingKeith Fenske
JHexEditHex editor componentOSSSwingasvitkine / Adam Fourney
HexEditorHex editor?Swingflying.guy
HexEditSWTHex editor componentOSS-CPLSWTRobert Köpferl
JHexViewHex editor componentOSS-GPLv2SwingSebastian Porst
HexStarTable based hex editorOSS-?JavaFXVelocity- / Bart Pelle
HexcellentHex editorOSS-?SwingKreativeKorp