[BinEd] - Editor for Binary Data

Editor Manual

BinEd is editor for binary files or other general data.

Manual is under construction!

In basic mode, data are shown as matrix of numeric codes and also as regular text at the same time.


Application consists of (from top to bottom):

View options

View modes

Code type

Position code type

In status bar cursor position can be shown using different base to code type.

Code Area

Row starts optionally by row position. Row position can be represented by numbers in octal, decimal or hexadecimal base independent on code base.

Optionally there is header, which represents position offset for the particular code on the given row.


Text preview section is showing data decoded to textual characters according to currently selected encoding. Java supports universal UNICODE encodings as well as various ISO and platform specific encodings often tailored for specific country/language.

Both encodings with fixed or dynamic size of code are supported. Each character in textual preview section is decoded from particular position therefore characters longer than single byte will overlap.

User can set list of encodings available for quick switching in encodings manager dialog.


It's possible to move/reorder encodings in the list and add another encoding.


Encodings can be filtered by name and/or country code.

Active encoding can be either selected by popup menu or cycled thru by single click.


Layout options specify positions of the printed data. Primary capability is to specify size and frequency of spacing between characters.


Decoration options allow to specify additional cosmetic entities, namely lines and shapes.


It is possible to specify colors of text, background, decorations and make it specific for areas like selection or found matches.