[BinEd] - Binary / Hexadecimal Editor

User Manual for BinEd Editor

BinEd is free and open source hexadecimal stand-alone viewer/editor written in Java.

Manual is under construction!

See. https://github.com/exbin/bined/wiki for sources or to fix errors

Example look of the application's GUI:

Editor Screenshot


How to Use

BinEd is available in multiple variants including plugins for other applications.

This manual describes stand-alone editor application. For other variants please visit project's website:



Application can be executed on any platform supported by Java 8, including Microsoft Windows, macOS, variants of Linux or BSD and application should have the same minimum requirements as Java. It might be also ok to use any newer version of the Java.

For instruction on how to install Java on your operating system please search on Internet or visit:



Application is available for download on the project's website:


To get the file scroll down to the Downloads section. Please use stable version if you prefer more stable and less problematic application.

For Windows there is currently only installer for x86 32-bit architecture available - after installation it can be used with either 32-bit or 64-bit Java.

For some Linux variants there are Debian and RPM packages available.

For other operating systems please use general ZIP variant / file. It can be also used for Linux or Windows if preferred.

Installation package for Windows is typical wizard dialog (created with Nullsoft NSIS tool).

Installer - Step 1

It will also create shortcuts in start menu in ExBin Project folder.

Installer - Step 2

Specify in which directory you want to install the application or use default.

Installer - Step 3

Installation on Linux depends on the variant of the system. Some systems allow to perform the installation with simple execution of the downloaded file.

Alternatively you might need to use shell commands:

For Debian-based systems command might be:

sudo dpkg -i bined_*.deb

For RPM-based systems command might be:

sudo rpm -i bined-*.rpm

For the general ZIP variant you'll need to extract content of the file into directory of your choice. This action is different on various operating systems - please search on the Internet for instructions on how to do this step on your operating system.

Executing the Application

To start the application directly, there are multiple options. See the directory where your application is installed.

You can start "bined.exe" on MS Windows systems or on systems with Windows emulation (for example via Wine) installed.

"bined.sh" is a simple script which should work on Linux or Mac OSX systems. It might be necessary to assign execution bit on the file (for example via "chmod +x bined.sh" command).

On some systems it might be also possible to execute "bined.jar" depending on how and which variant of the Java is installed.

Application can be also started via command line, but this might also depend on the operating system, Java version and whether are Java tool applications setup for direct execution.

java -jar bined.jar

Application also accepts few command line parameters, like for opening specific file on start.

Usage: "bined <options> <file>"

"--help" parameter to see available commands "-multi_file" forces multi file / tab switching mode "-single_file" forces single file mode

Main Window

BinEd is desktop application with typical layout.

Main Window

Application consists of (from top to bottom):

Main menu provides main access to available actions.

File Menu

File menu contains actions to handle basic work with files:

Edit Menu

Edit menu contains actions related to document editing and navigation:

View Menu

View menu allows adjusting various options related to displaying properties:


Toolbar provides access to some of typically used actions.