[BinEd] - Editor for Binary Data

Extension: IntelliJ Plugin

Binary/hexadecimal editor plugin for IntelliJ Idea IDE and other IDEs based on IntelliJ Platform from JetBrains written in Java.

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Release Stable Development 
IntelliJ Platform Plugin [ZIP] 0.2.2 [2020-01-25] [ZIP] 0.2.3 [2020-05-02]


Module Website 
IntelliJ IDEA Plugins



In File/Settings/Plugins search for "bined" in Marketplace tab or use "Install plugin from disk" from additional actions menu if you want to install downloaded .zip file.

Alternative method is to unzip file into plugins directory to make it part of the IDE installation.


Use "Open as Binary" action in main "File" menu or in project files context menu.
Use "View as Binary" action in context menu in variables/debug window.

Known Issues

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GitHub Repository 
[GitHub] exbin/bined-intellij-plugin